Writing Google Friendly Articles

Google Friendly Articles In Less Than An Hour

Google has made it much more hard to rank at the top of their rankings. SEO has progressed it’s true, but it is still realistic to manipulate where you rank in Google if you fully grasp what Google is on the lookout for.

If you persist with ‘old style’ search engine optimisation you won’t rank well at all. You can still have an influence on your search engine SERPs if you conform to what Google would like to see.

You can make it easy for Google to recognise your content and articles as being low quality by excessively using exact match anchor text, having over optimised your content keyword density,building links from bad link neighbourhoods and of course using known link farms that Google has already confirmed as being spam.

If you persist in using these tactics as a part of your Optimization process, you will not attain the top search engine rankings and the traffic you want to have.

Google quantifies quality, authority and trust in order to gauge your eventual rankings.

Cheating social platform sharing signals is expensive and quite difficult which means that Google can trust those measurements and use shares, reviews & testimonials as ever more valuable attributes for search rankings.

Certain online testimonials offer an effective signal to Google about the quality of your Brand, products and services.

Search engine results are directly controlled by the perceived value of your Brand on the web.

Each keywords SERPs are decided by quality, relevance and user behaviour. So the articles you create need to reflect that.

Google search used to be about backlink strength indicators alone and little else. Nowadays, it is far more important to keep clear of delivering ‘substandard quality’ signals implying ‘abnormal’ behaviour.

Check your website quality for positive and negative SEO signals at SEO³ who will analyse every element of your site that affects search rankings and advise on how to strenghten your search performance.

Google strives to provide the most appropriate result for every search query.

Presenting a query result that:

  1. Is fast to load
  2. Is completely unique
  3. Visitors engage with
  4. Contains external links to valued sites and resources
  5. Is hosted on a unique IP
  6. Is not associated with bad networks or neighbourhoods
  7. Has quality, trusted, natural links from themed sites
  8. Carries Brand value
  9. Mobile friendly design & structure – CRWD

Ranking well in search requires your web-site to not only satisfy the important elements above, but to also keep away from initiating any of the low quality trap doors that will see you drop out of Google SERPs. Ask local Bedford based SEO Company deehoseo.com how to get started with your optimisation.

You can rank at the top for highly competitive keywords & phrases, if your website communicates the quality of content that Google calls for.