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Writing Google Friendly Articles

Google Friendly Articles In Less Than An Hour

Google has made it much more hard to rank at the top of their rankings. SEO has progressed it’s true, but it is still realistic to manipulate where you rank in Google if you fully grasp what Google is on the lookout for.

If you persist with ‘old style’ search engine optimisation you won’t rank well at all. You can still have an influence on your search engine SERPs if you conform to what Google would like to see.

You can make it easy for Google to recognise your content and articles as being low quality by Continue reading

Fibre Optics & Networks

Fibre Optics

Communication today has three main channels in which it is carried. The “land line” telephone, which carries speech and information down wires, mobile phones which use wireless radio waves, and a third, the fibre optic cable.

This carries information from point to point using optical (light based) technology.

Information is sent from source to the transmitter which converts the digital electrical signal into a light signal. The information is pasted onto Continue reading